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The Queensland Small Business Commissioner (QSBC) provides regular news and updates about matters relevant to Queensland small businesses. You can subscribe to receive regular news and updates from the QSBC direct to your email.

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The QSBC is here to help small businesses in Queensland.

QSBC hotline

Phone 1300 312 344 for:

  • general information about negotiating rent relief during the COVID-19 emergency
  • general support to resolve small business issues.

Dispute assistance

For assistance resolving disputes relating to Queensland small businesses such as small business tenancy disputes and affected lease disputes.

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Complete our general enquiry form for general matters about small businesses in Queensland (other than disputes)

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Note: The Queensland Small Business Commissioner provides general information and guidance for to small businesses in Queensland. We do not provide specific financial or legal advice. We cannot compel people to do certain things and cannot make rulings or decisions about disputes.