Enter data in transactions in QRO Online

Entering information into QRO Online the right way can avoid potential penalties or interest, as well as save time and administrative cost. These guidelines will help you to get it right before you lodge any returns or transactions.

Date format

Use the pop-up calendar or enter the date as ddmmyyyy.


When entering a name in QRO Online, both a surname and first name are mandatory.

Enter the client name exactly as written in the client's documents (using upper and lower case).

If your client uses 1 name only (e.g. no first name) or another variation, you’ll need to call Queensland Revenue Office on 1300 132 685 for instructions on how to enter their details in QRO Online.

O'Neill ONEILL or O Neill
Smith-Carlyle SMITH-CARLYLE or Smith Carlyle
d'Silvia D Silvia or D'SILVIA

Each party to the transaction must be entered separately, even if there is more than one person with the same surname.

First name - James
Last name - Smith
First name - James and Lauren
First name - Lauren
Last name - Smith
Last name - Smith

You must include all available information (this includes the client's full middle name, not just their initials).

First name - Mary
Middle name - Jane
Last name - Smith
First name - Mary
Middle name - J
Last name - SMITH

Personal representatives

If a transferor is acting for someone else, note this in the Last name field:

  • First name - John
  • Middle name - William
  • Last name - Brown as personal representative

Trustees or trading entities

Private persons as trustees

Enter the trust name in the Trust name field, and the full name of the trustees in the Trustees field:

  • Trust name - The Smith Trust
  • Trustees - Tom William Brown

Private persons as trading entities

Enter the proprietor's full name (as for an individual):

  • First name - Samuel
  • Last name - Pearson

If the client is an individual, you must provide their date of birth. You don't need to enter the name of the trading entity in the transferee details section. Enter the trading name in the Detailed property description field if it relates to a transfer of business assets.


Enter the company name exactly as written in the client's documents (using upper and lower case) and provide the ACN. You can use the following abbreviations:

  • ATF - as trustee for
  • Ltd - Limited
  • Pty Ltd - Proprietary Limited.

Addresses, lots and plans

Street addresses

Enter street names in full using sentence case. Enter suburbs or towns in full using capitals. For example:

  • Road not Rd
  • Street not St
  • BRISBANE not Brisbane or BNE.

Postal addresses

Use the PO Box field for post office box numbers only. Enter other addresses in the Street field.

Enter suburbs or towns in full using capitals. For example:

GPO Box 4300
Locked Mail Bag 56A

Lots and plans

If the property is a single lot, enter the lot number in the Lot from field.

Use the Lot to field only when entering multiple consecutive lots on the same plan.


Queensland Revenue Office

  • Call 1300 300 734 (Australia) or
    +61 7 3179 2500 (overseas)
  • Send an email using our online enquiry form.