Troubleshooting for OSRconnect

Find out instructions and troubleshooting tips on setting up a land tax account in OSR Online.

If you are a registered transfer duty self assessor, payroll tax or betting tax client, or royalty lodger, you can lodge returns or transactions through OSRconnect, our online lodgement system.

We've collected a few tips and tricks to help you use the system.


Most issues can be fixed by checking your Internet Explorer compatibility settings.

Go to Tools. Click Compatibility view settings and add in the Add this website field. Alternatively, you can use another browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox).

Logging In

Log in to OSRconnect with your user ID and password, and enter the Captcha code in lower-case letters.

Your user ID is the 7-digit client number listed on your registration letter or the 6-digit number created when you activated your registration.


Take care when entering your password. Three incorrect attempts will lock you out.

If this happens, or you lose or forget your password, you can reset your password.

Client details

If the form pre-fills with incorrect client details at the Identification stage, contact us with the correct information.

Online payment

Bank details

See how to set up bank details so you can pay online using the OSRconnect Pay Now button.

Make sure you:

  • only nominate Australian bank accounts
  • set the Valid to field as 31.12.9999 to keep your accounts active indefinitely.

Pay Now button

Paying via OSRconnect is available for duties, payroll tax and betting tax clients only.

  • Pay Now button is not displayed or greyed out.
    Check that:
    • you have added your bank account information
    • your bank details have not expired
    • you are authorised to make payments
    • your compatibility settings are correct.

Add or edit your bank account information via the Administrator tab.

  • If the Pay Now button did not create a receipt or just refreshes the page, do not click the button again. Contact us to confirm your payment.

Printing records

Lodgement confirmations

Find copies of lodgement confirmations using the Filter & search function in the Payment obligations tab. You cannot print a copy of a lodgement confirmation for nil returns or transactions.

Duties and royalties

To print copies of your transaction or return summaries, click Save at the Liabilities stage, then click Summary and Print.

Payroll tax and betting tax

To print copies of:

  • periodic or monthly returns, click Save at the Liabilities stage, then click Print preview and Print
  • annual or final returns, click Save at the Status change stage, then click Print preview and Print.

Pop-ups and help text

OSRconnect uses pop-up boxes for error or warning messages, and help text. You should check that your browser allows these pop-ups. (Third-party pop-up blockers—such as the Google toolbar—operate independently of the browser pop-up blocker.)

  1. Go to Tools, Pop-up blocker, and then Pop-up blocker settings.
  2. Enter * in the Address of website to allow field and press Add.

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