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Correcting errors in a payroll tax annual return

If you have self-assessed your annual return and find an error after lodging it, you can request a reassessment in OSRconnect.

For a reassessment of final returns or default annual returns, send an email with your client number and revised wages information to

Before you start, print a copy of the original return before you edit it - you won’t be able to do this after you have made changes and sent the reassessment request. This tutorial shows you how to find the return, print a copy, edit the return and make a request for reassessment.

  1. On the Lodgement Obligations tab, locate the submitted return using the Filter & Search function.

If you have only just submitted a return, the option to 'Edit' will not display until its status is ‘Processed’. There can be a delay of up to 4 hours between submitting a return and it being processed. If your search delivers a ‘no data available’ result, check the transaction number or date range that you entered, or wait until the return has been processed.

  1. The requested return will appear with a green tick, indicating that this is a submitted return.
  2. Click the transaction number to open the return.

Image showing the location of the transaction number of a processed return

  1. To print a copy of your return before you edit it, go to the Status change stage and select Print preview. Return to the Identification stage.
  2. Select Edit to amend the return.

If the Edit button is not visible, you cannot continue. Send an email with your client number and revised wages information to

  1. Choose a Reassessment reason from the drop-down list. You can also add more information in the Comments field.
  2. Click Next.

Choose a reassessment reason from the drop-down list

The original details will display in the return.

  1. Overwrite the fields that need to be changed. Move through the sections by clicking Forward.

Image of the return details if you choose to calculate your payroll tax liability

  • If you are a designated group employer (DGE), any adjustments made to your Queensland or interstate wage sections must also be reflected in a change to the group wages section.
  • If you are a group member, any adjustments made to your return must be reflected in your DGE's return. If the DGE's return is also incorrect, they need to make a separate request for reassessment.

Image of the group wages section of a designated group employer’s annual return

  1. Select Calculate to update the figures. Changes made in the wages section will be reflected in the new calculation.
  2. Select Next to move through the form.

This calculation is only a reflection of your request for a payroll tax reassessment - it does not include interest or penalty component. It does not become a reassessment until we have processed it.

Image of return details if you already know your payroll tax liability

The new calculated liability is based on the wages declared in your request. It does not display a total amount payable - this will be determined once the reassessment has been processed.

  1. Select Next to continue.

Image of the liabilities stage

  1. Select Yes or No to every question. If you answer Yes to any of the questions, further information or questions will display.
  2. Select Print preview for a copy of your request for reassessment.
  3. Select Next to continue.

Image of request for reassessment summary

If the return was self-assessed, you can update the declaration details.

  1. Update the declaration details if required.
  2. Select Print preview to see or print a copy of the reassessment request.
  3. Select Request to send your reassessment request.

Image of the declaration stage

The Confirmation page can be printed at the time the request is made.

We will review the request and advise you of the outcome.

Image of the confirmation stage