Using AUSkey or Standard Business Reporting to lodge your returns or transactions

If you are registered to use OSRconnect, you will have a user ID and password to access the system. Your user ID is the 7-digit client number listed on your registration letter or 6-digit user ID you create after activating your registration.

You can also access your online returns or transactions using AUSkey, or lodge them using Standard Business Reporting.


AUSkey is a secure login to access online government services, including OSRconnect. It is an online identity that you, or a representative of your business, can use without the need for multiple passwords.

Registering for an AUSkey is free and, in most cases, you can use your AUSkey almost immediately.

You can log into OSRconnect with either your current user ID and password or your AUSkey.

How AUSkey works

AUSkey securely authenticates your business details. This means you only need one password and user ID to access most government online systems. You can store your AUSkey on:

  • your computer
  • a USB drive
  • your organisation’s server
  • any combination of the above.

AUSkey can be used to:

Types of AUSkey

There are 3 types of AUSkey.

AUSkey type Use with OSR
  1. Administrator
  2. Standard
  • Use to log into OSRconnect or to lodge returns using SBR-enabled software
  1. Device
  • Use to lodge payroll tax returns using SBR-enabled software
  • Cannot be used to log into OSRconnect

To update user access authorisations in OSRconnect, go to the Administrator tab and select User accounts.

Your AUSkey will not expire as long as you use it once every 12 months. If it does expire, you will need to register for a new AUSkey.

Registering for AUSkey

To register for an AUSkey, your business must have an ABN. If your business already has an AUSkey administrator, contact them and ask that they nominate you as an additional user.

If you do not have an AUSkey and your organisation does not have an AUSkey administrator, you need to:

  • go to the AUSkey website
  • provide details to confirm your identity
  • download and install the supporting AUSkey software
  • download and install your AUSkey.

Once you have your AUSkey you can:

  • use the online management facility to view and update your AUSkey details
  • change your password and other details
  • access other government online services that also accept AUSkey.

Visit the AUSkey website for a list of government agencies that accept AUSkey. For general enquiries, including registration and technical support, call 1300 287 539.

Linking your AUSkey

Follow these steps to link your AUSkey to OSRconnect. This procedure only needs to be done once to ensure our system recognises your AUSkey.

  1. At the OSRconnect login screen, click on the AUSkey link. This takes you to the Australian Government Authentication Service website.

OSRconnect login screen showing AUSkey link

  1. Select your AUSkey from the drop-down list and enter your AUSkey password. Click Continue to return to the OSRconnect login page.
  2. Enter your OSRconnect user ID and password.
  3. Tick the checkbox.
  4. Enter the Captcha code. (If you have trouble reading the code, you can click Get a new challenge as many times as you need.)
  5. Click Login.

After that, each time you log into OSRconnect, you will only need to complete steps 1 and 2.

Unlinking your AUSkey

An AUSkey can only be linked to one OSRconnect user ID.

If you are a payroll tax client and your AUSkey has been linked to an incorrect user ID or you wish to have it linked to your 6-digit user ID instead, send an email request to and include:

  • the user ID your AUSkey is currently linked to
  • the client number and name of the client.

When we notify you that your AUSkey has been unlinked, follow the instructions above to link your AUSkey to the correct user ID.

Standard Business Reporting

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is an Australian Government initiative that simplifies business-to-government reporting.

You can report to government agencies directly from your financial, accounting or payroll system by using SBR. For example, you can lodge your Queensland payroll tax returns using SBR.

Information held in your business accounting software is used to pre-fill various forms that you can then check for accuracy, edit and finalise before lodging electronically. For example, if you pay payroll tax in more than one state, you can complete and lodge all your returns at the same time.

SBR allows you to:

  • lodge your returns electronically - direct from your accounting software
  • use a single secure sign-on to log in to all participating government agencies - via AUSkey.

Read more about Standard Business Reporting.