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Correcting errors in royalty returns

If you find an error in your return after lodging it, you can notify us by requesting a reassessment in OSRconnect.

If we make a reassessment and your liability increases, unpaid royalty interest and royalty penalty may apply.

Before you start, print a copy of the original return - you won't be able to do this after you have made changes and sent the reassessment request. Follow the steps outlined below to find the return, print a copy, edit and make a request for reassessment.

  1. On the Lodgement Obligations tab, locate the submitted return using the Filter & Search function.

If you have only just submitted a return, it will not display until its status is 'Processed'. There can be a delay of up to 4 hours between submitting a return and it being processed. If your search delivers a 'no data available' result, check the transaction number and date range, or wait until the return has been processed.

  1. The requested return will appear with a green tick, indicating that this is a submitted return.
  2. Select the transaction number to open the return.

Lodgement obligations tab of OSRconnect

  1. To print a copy of your return before you edit it, go to the Liabilities stage, select Summary and then select Print. Return to the Identification stage to continue your request for reassessment.
  2. Select Edit to amend the return.

If the 'Edit' button cannot be selected, you may not be eligible to request a reassessment through OSRconnect. You will need to send an email specifying your client number, name of operation and revised lodgement information to

  1. Select a Reassessment reason from the drop-down list. You can also add more information in the Comments field.
  2. Select Next to go to the Tenure details stage.

Identification stage of royalty lodgement

  1. Select Yes for the tenures that are producing.
  2. Indicate whether the return is for 100% of the operation.
  3. Select Previous or Next to navigate through the screens.

Tenure details stage of royalty lodgement

  1. Select Gross Value or Deductions and overwrite the fields that need to be changed.
  2. Select Forward or Back to navigate through the schedules.

Return details stage of royalty lodgement

  1. Select Calculate then Next.

Calculate and next buttons in return details

The royalty amount shown at the Liabilities stage is the amount of royalty that will be payable if we make a reassessment as requested. We may decide not to make a reassessment or the reassessment may be for a different amount.

  1. Select Summary to review and print the details of your request for reassessment.
  2. Select Next to go to the Declaration stage.

Liabilities stage of royalty lodgement

  1. Update the declaration details as required.
  2. Select Request to send your reassessment request.

Declaration stage of a royalty lodgement

  1. Select Print to see or print a copy of the reassessment request then select Exit.

Confirmation stage of royalty lodgement

We will review the request and aim to contact you within 10 working days.

The Confirmation screen shows the amount of primary royalty that would be payable if we accept your request for reassessment and made no other changes. If that reassessment would decrease your liability by more than $20,000 or 2% (whichever is greater), you must send supporting information to before we can consider the request. Your email should also contain your client number, name of operation and the date that your request for reassessment was lodged.