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Give another person access to your OSR Online account

You can give someone access to your OSR Online account - that is, you can assign someone to view your account or act on your behalf. To do this, the other person must first set up an OSR Online account and create a contact card.


  • Mary creates an OSR Online account. She assigns access to her husband, Michael, so he can help her to manage her land tax.
  • Julie is a director for ABC Pty Ltd and creates an OSR Online account. She assigns access to her accountant, John, so he can view and pay ABC’s state revenue obligations.

This feature is only available in OSR Online. Use OSRconnect for payroll tax, duties, betting tax, and mining and petroleum royalties.

  1. Log in to OSR Online.
  2. To give someone access to:
    • your personal account, select My land
    • a company or trust account you administer, click View accounts and select the relevant account.
  3. Select Assign permission from the side menu and then select the Assign permission tab.

  1. Enter the surname and email address of the person you want to assign access to. This should be the same as the information on their contact card. Click Find contact.
  2. If your search is successful, their contact card will appear. Click Next.

If their card does not appear, check the details you entered. You might need to contact them to confirm the details in their contact card.

  1. Select the level of access you want to assign to them from the Authorisation drop-down menu.

You can grant complete access (i.e. as an administrator) or select various options using Add more.

Authorisation level What they can do
Administrator View assessment notices, submit forms, make payments, update details and assign access to another person
Save drafts Create and save a draft form or transaction but cannot submit
Lodge forms/returns Submit forms or returns
Payment Make payments
Read only View information only; cannot manage details or assign permissions
  1. Enter an end date in the Valid to field for each option. This date determines when the authorisation for this person will expire. Enter 31/12/9999 to keep the authorisation valid indefinitely.
  2. Click Assign to save.

Company and trust accounts

If you have given someone access to your account, they will need to go to the Home screen and select View accounts. They then select your client name to access your account.

Editing permissions

Select the View permissions tab to see the permissions you have assigned and their level of access.

To change the authorisation level or end date, select Edit from the Actions column, change the details, and Save.

You can also see all permissions (both active and inactive) by selecting Active and changing to All.

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