About OSR Online

OSR Online is Queensland's online lodgement and payment system for:

  • land tax
  • payroll tax
  • betting tax
  • mining and petroleum royalties
  • transfer and insurance duty (registered self assessors).

It's a secure and convenient way to manage, lodge and pay your tax, royalty or duty.

Note: Currently, you cannot make royalty payments in OSR Online.

OSR Online has replaced OSRconnect

OSR Online offers a secure and modern user interface with improved functionality to replace OSRconnect, which was decommissioned on 18 December 2020.

After you have created your personal OSR Online account, contact us to copy over your OSRconnect information:

  • select Submit enquiry from the OSR Online home page (after you have logged in)
  • call 1300 300 734.

Benefits of OSR Online

  • Manage an account when and how you want
  • Update your details quickly and easily
  • Feel confident with the highest level of data security
  • Verify each individual user to ensure greater security
  • Better manage who can access an account and what they can do
  • Oversee more readily what activity happens in your account
  • Get detailed access to your tax and royalty history for greater transparency

What's different about OSR Online

To ensure a more secure and tailored service, all OSR Online users need to:

  1. Create an individual account with a unique email address and password. (You can't use a generic or shared email, such as accounts@company.mail.)
  2. Verify their identity (using 2 separate forms of Australian ID).

If you work on behalf of an organisation, you must create and use an individual account first, then link it to the organisation's account. You can do this using either your personal or work email address (or both). Your personal details will not be visible to the linked account.


To protect your data and make sure our systems are secure, we identify and authenticate all users.

We collect necessary information to meet our requirements under Australian privacy laws. If we don’t identify and authenticate each user, we cannot verify their right to access taxpayer information.

We use the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS). This is a secure online system that allows authorised departments in Australia to confirm an individual’s identity. The information is sent to DVS and is not stored by the Office of State Revenue.

Get started in OSR Online

We have step-by-step guides to help you set up in OSR Online, including how to:

  • create and verify your account
  • link your account to an organisation
  • manage your account details.


Office of State Revenue

  • Call 1300 300 734 (Australia) or
    +61 7 3179 2500 (overseas)
  • Send an email using our online enquiry form.