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Standards and frameworks

Queensland Foundation Spatial Data Framework

Foundation spatial data is described as the basic spatial layers required by most users which are generally not derived from other spatial layers. It is essential that Queensland has defined, accurate, consistent, reliable and timely foundation spatial data that is readily available and meets the needs of all.

The Queensland Foundation Spatial Data Framework (PDF, 1.75MB) provides one key list of spatial data themes defined as foundation that are required for Queensland.

Queensland Parcel Identification Standard

The Queensland Parcel Identification Standard (PDF, 172KB) provides a consistent method for uniquely identifying all land parcels in Queensland. In the context of this standard, a parcel is understood to be a bounded area in which an interest relating to the land exists or will exist. It is also recognised that such a parcel (or bounded area) may have more than one interest associated with it.

Queensland Digital Road Network Standard

The scope of the Queensland Digital Road Network Standard (PDF, 1.26MB) is to provide an optimal method for the capture and maintenance of road network data and to provide broad parameters for the exchange of such data.

The standard was developed to specify only those items of linear data which comprise road networks. Non-linear and non-road entities (e.g. points, polygons, grids, etc.) are not part of this standard.

Queensland Custodianship Standard

The purpose of the Queensland Custodianship Standard (PDF, 532KB) is to describe the obligations of an organisation that accepts a custodian role for a spatial dataset. The standard can be used by government, private sector, academia, or community groups. The standard recognises compliance with other standards, in particular the Queensland Government's requirements under Information Standard IS44 and IS46.

Queensland Location Address Management Framework

The Queensland Location Address Management Framework (PDF, 437KB) defines a common approach to the creation, management and use of location address data in Queensland. It is targeted at state agencies and local governments in Queensland.