New Ideas Forum: Toowoomba

How do you turn innovative ideas into a new business or additional income stream?

Coming up with ideas for new products, services and businesses is just the first step and often the easiest one. Transforming the idea into an income is harder.

To boost your confidence and capability for success when building a business, the Queensland Government's Office of Small Business brings you the opportunity to learn, share and network at this FREE event.

Guest presenters:

  • Craig Warren, Crowe Howarth - sharing his knowledge to talk about business basics and planning
  • Cherie Gibb, TechMAC - discussing commercialisation and IP protection
  • Matt Noller, Finn Business Sales - talking about financial stability and sustainable growth
  • Tim Miles, Miles Dolphin Consulting - drawing on his experience to discuss business planning and business planning modelling and structure

Plus! Get the most out of this event by signing up for no obligation one-to-one sessions with mentors who have extensive and relevant expertise. Be sure to sign up early as registration for mentoring sessions closes 3 days before the event and sessions are limited.


Duration: 3 hours
Type: Forum
Cost: Free
Location: Highfields
Venue: City Golf Club, 254 South Street, South Toowoomba
30 May 2017 30 May 2017 New Ideas Forum: Toowoomba _ 30th May 2017 11:00am