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How your business can avoid mobile app pitfalls

Common mistakes businesses make using mobile phone apps are listed here to help you avoid them.

Getting lost in the crowd

While some apps take off in a big way, the vast majority will never achieve more than 1000 downloads. With increasing competition in the app marketplace, it can be hard to get your app to stand out.

Costs exceeding returns

Developing an app can be a very expensive undertaking. An app can easily cost from $50,000 to $100,000 to develop unless you have strong technical skills and can develop it yourself.

Forgetting about the ongoings

Good mobile apps attract repeat usage by customers, so they need to be constantly refreshed and renewed. This means that developing an app carries ongoing costs as well as the up-front development cost.

Jumping on the bandwagon

'Everyone else is doing it' may not be a good enough reason to invest in developing an app. If it doesn't make life easier for your customer or your staff, then why do it?

Ask yourself whether developing an app will attract customers to your business, improve your operations or expand your products and services. Then ask yourself whether it will do these things better than a cheaper alternative like improving your website or using Facebook or Twitter. Lastly, consider whether an app is the most important improvement your customers want from you, or whether you should be investing in your systems or staff instead.

Backing the wrong horse

Apps may need to be developed separately for each of the mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone. You need to carefully consider which device or devices fit the profile of your target market so that your customers can use your app.

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