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Digital Scorecard Dashboard

The charts and data below present regional and industry Digital Scorecard assessment results, collected from March 2017. Please be aware that the assessment results will change over time as more organisations complete Digital Scorecard assessments.

Assessments CompletedAverage score

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Explanation of Categories

This score indicates level of technology adoption to improve efficiencies within the business, how secure systems and data are and whether the business has adequate risk management processes and support in place to resume operations swiftly and to keep pace with their customers.

The questions from the Digital Scorecard that are included in this score are:

  • Question 1: We have adopted the following technologies into our business
  • Question 2: My business uses technology based systems for
  • Question 3: My business is being held back from adopting digital technologies because of
  • Question 4: I feel confident that if my business's computer system failed today I could resume business tomorrow thanks to security and disaster recovery processes I have in place
  • Question 5: I am aware of ways to manage cyber security risk and our business has plans in place to reduce these risks and to deal with the outcome
  • Question 6: I understand my legal obligations when it comes to data about our customers and we have systems in place to protect that data
  • Question 7: Basic business tools such as email and calendars are working efficiently in my business and on our mobile devices
  • Question 8: I have access to technology professionals to overcome technology challenges that may occur in my business
  • Question 18: I think about the future of my industry and how my customers are changing and I am confident that my business is keeping up to date and meeting their needs

This score indicates how focused the business is on planning future improvements, whether they have a digital plan linked to their business strategy and whether they know how to use data to make business improvement decisions.

The questions from the Digital Scorecard that are included in this score are:

  • Question 9: My business regularly reviews relevant digital and/or cloud-based technologies to improve efficiencies (e.g. finance, purchasing, sales, marketing and human resources).
  • Question 21: I know how to access and interpret relevant data to assist me to make decisions to improve my business
  • Question 22: I have a clear digital plan or strategy in place and the goals in our plan support my business strategy

This score reflects the relevance of the business's online presence and their willingness to utilise website, online reputation management and social media marketing to attract, engage and convert their customers.

The questions from the Digital Scorecard that are included in this score are:

  • Question 10: My business has a website
  • Question 11: Our customers can easily find information about our products on our website and can complete a purchase online
  • Question 12: I have tested my website on a mobile phones and tablets and can confirm that my website and connected third party websites (such as an online shopping cart) are optimised for mobile users
  • Question 13: My business is currently investing in regular paid advertising using social media platforms and / or Google
  • Question 14: I feel confident that my business's social media presence is being monitored and utilised in the most relevant ways to market my products and services
  • Question 15: We proactively manage our online reputation on third party platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Yelp) and other industry specific platforms e.g. TripAdvisor
  • Question 16: I feel confident about meeting the needs of my customers through engagement on relevant digital platforms and social media networks

This score indicates confidence in the team's digital capabilities, commitment to developing relevant skills to keep up to date with technology and whether the business is making the most of customer data using appropriate technology.

The questions from the Digital Scorecard that are included in this score are:

  • Question 17: We use a CRM (customer relationship management system) to collect and manage data about interactions with key stakeholders or clients
  • Question 19: I am confident that our staff have the skills, knowledge and willingness to take advantage of digital technology in their roles
  • Question 20: My business invests in ongoing education and training to keep up with advances in technology to improve my business

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