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Knowledge and technology to help develop your idea


Does your idea need to comply with any regulations? If you are not sure, or you would like more information about the regulations, visit the Australian Business Licence Information Service (ABLIS) for tailored business licensing information, including:

  • summary information on the state, local and commonwealth government requirements for your particular business
  • the name, address and phone number of the agency responsible for each listing
  • licence application forms
  • details of licence fees, periods of cover, and renewals
  • online lodgement and secure payment for some licences.

New knowledge

Universities and research organisations are important sources of new knowledge and technology which can provide opportunities for product and service innovation. It can be daunting for businesses to approach and negotiate with universities and research organisations, so government provides the following help:

  • The Impact Innovation Group delivers the Innovate Queensland program on behalf of the Queensland Government to support growth-oriented organisations and entrepreneurs. This includes workshops to help businesses develop skills, and engage with research institutions, to help develop new opportunities.
  • The Innovate Queensland events program helps small businesses nationally, across all industry sectors, to remain competitive and grow. It helps small-to-medium enterprises identify the right people and organisations to:
    • solve product, process or service issues
    • identify and access technical capability to fill internal gaps
    • identify new growth opportunities for business.

Researchers in business

The Australian Government's Entrepreneurs' Programme is a network of more than 100 experienced private sector advisers and facilitators whose role is to ensure industry gets the advice and support needed to improve competitiveness and productivity.

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