Online payment options

An e-commerce site can range from a full 'online store' that mimics a real life store, allowing customers to search a catalogue, put items in a cart and then pay for them, through to a simple page that links customers to a third party payment system like PayPal or even an online auction site when they want to make a purchase.

There are a number of options for receiving online payments. You can set up payments on your business website using:

  • a merchant account
  • an online payment service
  • a payment service operated by some internet service providers.

These options suit businesses that operate online stores and expect high volumes of transactions.

As an alternative to building payment capacity into your website, you can link from your website to specialist services like online payment providers or online auction sites.

A third option is to generate email invoices from your website. These can give customers options like internet transfers or credit card payments by mail or phone. These options might be more appropriate for businesses with less frequent transactions and simple product ranges.

Some businesses offer customers a range of payment options, such as paying online with a credit card through the business's website, or using PayPal, or making a phone credit card payment.

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