Reviewing a code of conduct

To keep your code of conduct up to date you should review it regularly; once or twice a year should be enough.

Once you have reviewed and amended the code of conduct, provide all staff with the updated code and any training required.

Reviewing the code

Review each section of your code of conduct and make sure it still represents the values of your business. You should also review current standards and guidelines and any new policies introduced for the business.

Consider any areas that could be added to your code, especially if your business has grown or changed significantly since your last review. For example, if your business has started selling products online you may need a new section covering online selling behaviour.

Reviewing staff understanding

You can review staff understanding of your code of conduct by requiring them to complete a survey or questionnaire. Focus your questions on any new sections and particular areas of your code that you think your staff may not fully understand.

The surveys will identify areas that staff may need further training in and areas of your code that may be unclear and need reviewing.

Follow up on the survey to ensure that all staff understand what is expected of them. When they are happy with the new code, have them sign a document to say that they accept.

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