Paying payroll tax returns

When you lodge a payroll tax return, you must pay any tax and other amounts (e.g. unpaid tax interest) by the due date.

Electronic payments

To make an electronic payment, you must quote the payment reference code (transaction number) for each return lodged through QRO Online. The reference number is on the confirmation page that displays after you submit the return - it also explains how and when to pay.

You can pay electronically by:

  • credit card using BPOINT - for amounts between $10 and $50,000 (a surcharge of 0.518% applies to Visa and Mastercard, and 1.4% to Amex)
  • BPAY
  • electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • direct payment - through QRO Online.

Paying through QRO Online

You need to first add your bank account details to QRO Online.

Once you have submitted your transaction:

  1. Click Payments in the left menu panel.
  2. Select Pay in the Actions column of the liability you want to pay.

The Pay button is on the right-hand side of the row.

If bank account details have been saved under the Manage details or Bank details section of the client account, use the drop-down menu in the Bank field to select the relevant account. If no bank details have been saved, you can select Add bank and upload details.

The Add bank link is below the bank account details.

  1. Click Make payment. A pop-up message will appear.

The Make payment pop-up asks if you are sure you want to pay.

When you select 'Yes', you will get a receipt number. The outstanding payment will not disappear from the Payments due list until the funds have cleared.

The receipt number will appear in a pop-up window.

Cheque payments

If you pay by cheque, you must:

  • make your cheque payable to ‘Commissioner of State Revenue’
  • post the cheque to:
    Queensland Revenue Office
    GPO Box 2248
    Brisbane Qld 4001
  • pay by cleared funds (i.e. bank cheque or solicitor's trust account cheque)
  • include a printout of the confirmation page. You do not need to send any other paperwork with your cheque payments.

Unsigned cheques will be returned and unpaid tax interest will accrue until full payment by cleared funds has been received.

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