Part-time work

Part-time employees receive the same employment entitlements as full-time workers on a pro-rata basis.

Complying with your industrial award

Make sure any part-time working arrangements meet the requirements of the award or agreement that covers your business.

Learn more about part-time employees on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Employer benefits

For employers, the benefits of allowing part-time working arrangements include:

  • being able to cover busy periods efficiently
  • retaining valued employees who may not be able to, or want to, work full-time
  • cost saving (if a part-time arrangement meets all the requirements of a position)
  • attracting applicants from a wider employment pool.

Full-time workers changing to part-time

If you receive a proposal from a full-time employee to work part-time, consider whether:

  • the essential functions of the position can be completed in the proposed time frame
  • the role can be logically split on a time, task or customer basis
  • you can reassign some of the employee's tasks, or if another employee will be required
  • customers and colleagues will suffer as a result.

When a full-time employee changes to part-time work, you may need to make arrangements for important tasks to be covered in a timely manner. Options include:

  • a job share arrangement to cover the time the employee is not there
  • making sure the employee can be flexible when there is an emergency or unforeseen deadline
  • sharing project records so that other team members can pick up their work
  • buddy systems (where another employee is able to respond to urgent queries and provide information on the part-time employee's work projects).

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