Workplace conflict resources

It's important that as an employer you know your rights and responsibilities. With the right information you can make sure you are not contravening employment conditions and laws. This will also give you confidence in settling workplace conflicts.

Employee rights, awards and entitlements

Workplace conflict about employee rights, wages and entitlements can consume a large amount of time and energy for any business.

Check that your business is abiding by state and national legislation by reading more about:

Responding to discrimination or harassment

Laws protect people from discrimination or harassment in the workplace, based on their age, race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, sex, pregnancy, marital status or disability. These national laws apply:

The Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) resolves complaints of discrimination and promotes human rights in Queensland. The Commission was originally established as the Anti-Discrimination Commission Qld under Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 and became the Queensland Human Rights Commission on 1 July 2019 following the introduction of the Human Rights Act 2019.

The Australian Human Rights Commission investigates complaints of discrimination, harassment or bullying and can resolve them through a process of conciliation.

Learn more about anti-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Workplace relations tribunal

Fair Work Commission (FWC) is Australia's national workplace relations tribunal. FWC can help you resolve disputes involving employers, employees and unions and employer associations who are covered by the national workplace relations system.

FWC is independent and has the power to act on:

  • the safety net of minimum wages and employment conditions
  • enterprise bargaining
  • industrial action
  • dispute resolution
  • termination of employment.

Advice and support

The Workplace Advice Service is a free independent legal assistance program for small businesses and employees. The program, offered by the Fair Work Commission, provides advice on topics including:

  • dismissal
  • general protections
  • workplace bullying.

Read more about the Workplace Advice Service, including eligibility and how to request a consultation.

Work health and safety

Your business is legally obligated to provide a safe workplace for employees, customers, and other people such as members of the public and visitors.

Significant fines and penalties apply for employers who don't meet their obligations under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011.

Learn more from our guide on keeping your workplace safe and personal safety in the workplace.

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