Land title practice manual

The land title practice manual details the required practice and procedures for industry practitioners when preparing and lodging Titles Registry forms. The manual includes a detailed guide to completion for each form and examples of completed forms.

Titles Registry forms are legally binding and must be completed carefully. Please contact a competent legal professional for legal advice or for assistance with any complex transaction.

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Upcoming changes

Revised practices under sections 11A and 11B of the Land Title Act 1994 and 288A and 288B of the Land Act 1994 will take effect from 1 March 2016. These changes relate to a mortgagee’s obligation to confirm the identity of mortgagors prior to lodging any mortgage for registration. These practices will form part of the Land Title Practice Manual.

You can view the changes:

Read more about the changes in Titles Registry Alert Issue 124.


The land title practice manual is updated periodically. Subscribe to the Titles Registry alerts to be notified automatically or download the list of updates.

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February 2, 2003