PEXA toolkit

This toolkit brings together everything registered self assessors need to know about assessing duty when lodging transfers through Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

PEXA is an online lodgement and financial settlement platform that allows you to do electronic conveyancing. PEXA is currently the only approved electronic lodgement network operator in Queensland.

You do not have to use PEXA - you can still lodge and pay for transactions in OSRconnect in the usual way.

Getting started with PEXA

Follow these steps to use PEXA:

  1. Register with the Office of State Revenue as a transfer duty self assessor.
  2. Register with PEXA to be a PEXA subscriber.
  3. Validate your PEXA subscriber ID in OSRconnect.
  4. Make sure the transaction can be self assessed through PEXA.
  5. Lodge the transaction in OSRconnect within the lodgement timeframe.
  6. Pay the full amount of duty in accordance with your self assessor requirements and any commitment to pay in PEXA (if applicable).
  7. Meet your record keeping obligations, according to your self assessor registration.

See the transfer duty self assessors guide (SA1) for more information on electronic conveyancing, including transactions you can assess in PEXA, lodgement timeframes and payments.

Validating your subscriber ID in OSRconnect

If you have registered with PEXA, you must validate your subscriber ID in OSRconnect by following these steps:

  1. Log in to OSRconnect.
  2. Select the Administrator tab.
  3. Select Electronic Lodgement Networks.
  4. Enter your PEXA subscriber ID in the ELN ID field and click Save.

Transactions not eligible for PEXA

The majority of residential land transactions can be processed through PEXA.

Transactions that cannot be processed through PEXA include:

  • non-monetary (zero consideration) transactions
  • transfers by direction
  • stand-alone transfers (no contract)
  • residential land with a non-residential land component
  • transactions that include the sale of a business asset
  • transactions aggregated with an ineligible transaction
  • transactions to which an exemption or concession applies (excluding home, first home and first home vacant land concessions)
  • transactions involving a reduction in duty (e.g. an option agreement offset).

PEXA workspace

You create a PEXA workspace in order to draft a transaction in OSRconnect. PEXA creates the draft transaction in OSRconnect for you and pre-fills some of the information.

Any information that has been pre-filled in OSRconnect can only be amended in the PEXA workspace. The amendments will be made automatically in OSRconnect.

Electronic lodgement network (ELN) payments

You must authorise your payment method in the ELN workspace that duty, UTI and penalty tax (if applicable) will be one of the following:

  • paid to the Commissioner before electronic lodgement settlement
  • received by the self assessor before electronic lodgement settlement
  • committed to be paid as part of the electronic lodgement settlement. Any committed payment must be paid into your nominated account and forwarded to us.

You can change the payment method within the PEXA workspace at any point before locking the workspace.

Non-Australian entity

When a transaction includes real property, each transferor and transferee must declare whether they are a non-Australian entity.

A non-Australian transferor or transferee must complete an identity details annexure.

For transferors, an electronic annexure is generated through OSRconnect. Select the email option when entering the transferor's email address. Contact us for help if you cannot obtain the transferor's email address.

Transferees must complete an identity details annexure and you must enter these details in OSRconnect.

Endorsing a PEXA document

You must stamp the contract of sale once you have received the full amount of transfer duty and unpaid tax interest (if applicable).

The transfer will be endorsed electronically in PEXA.

Settlement for transactions

You must submit the transaction in OSRconnect before settlement can take place.

Make sure the information in OSRconnect is correct and matches the data in PEXA. If you have submitted a transaction and it differs to the information in PEXA, settlement may be affected and we may need to reassess the duty liability.

Transfer duty forms

You may need the following transfer duty forms for electronic conveyancing of residential land transfers:

For other types of transactions, you may need a dutiable transaction statement (Form D2.2).

Find out more about your record keeping obligations.


These resources will help you self assess transfers that have been lodged through PEXA.

Video tutorials

Guides and fact sheets


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