Electronic conveyancing transactions

Transactions need to meet specific requirements to be eligible for electronic conveyancing. The transaction must be:

  • a relevant transfer agreement (contract and pursuant Form 1 Transfer)
  • or
  • an electronic lodgement network (ELN) lodgement (Form 1 Transfer only).

Transactions involving a party using 1 name only are currently out of scope for e-conveyancing.

Relevant transfer agreement

A relevant transfer agreement is an agreement to transfer land in Queensland and a pursuant Form 1 Transfer to be registered with the Queensland Titles Registry under the Land Title Act 1994.

The transaction can:

  • include concessions for
    • home
    • first home
    • first home vacant land
    • family business
  • be aggregated under section 30 with
    • the transfer of other dutiable property under the same agreement
    • another relevant transfer agreement.

The transaction cannot include:

  • exemptions
  • transfers by direction.

ELN lodgement

An ELN lodgement is a Form 1 Transfer of land registered under the Land Title Act. It must not be pursuant to an agreement to transfer dutiable property.

The transaction can include:

  • an exemption that can be self assessed (other than mandatory buyback under the Retirement Villages Act exemption (s. 141A))
  • a concession for
    • home
    • first home
    • first home vacant land
    • family business.

Lodging a transaction

Follow our step-by-step tutorials to lodge a transaction that is settling in the electronic conveyancing network.

Amending a transaction

Be careful when entering data in the ELNO workspace, because it’s carried over to QRO Online and forms the basis of your transfer duty assessment.

If a transaction is in draft (i.e. has not been submitted), you can amend:

  • pre-filled information in the ELNO workspace
  • other information in QRO Online.

After the transaction has been submitted, email selfassessment@treasury.qld.gov.au to request assistance. You will need to give us at least 24 hours notice and include:

  • the transaction number
  • a copy of the contract (if applicable)
  • any concession claim forms
  • any other relevant information.

If your request is urgent, it will be given priority. We cannot guarantee an immediate response in all instances.

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Queensland Revenue Office
For transfer duty self-assessment queries:

For queries on payroll tax, land tax and royalties:

  • call 1300 300 734 (Australia) or +61 7 3179 2500 (overseas)
  • send an email using our online enquiry form.