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Register for insurance duty

If you are an insurer who has written a contract of life insurance or received premiums, you must register for insurance duty and lodge returns using our online lodgement system, OSRconnect.

Brokers, agents and other parties can also apply for registration.

Knowing more about the types of insurance and who pays insurance duty will help you decide if you need to register.

If you are not an insurer but have effected or renewed general or life insurance with a person who is not registered for insurance duty, complete an insurance duty statement (Form D8.2).

Types of insurance

The types of insurance where payment of duty is needed are:

  • General insurance - any insurance that applies wholly or partly in Queensland, other than compulsory third party insurance, accident insurance and life insurance
  • Life insurance - insurance that applies to the life, or an event relating to the life, of a person living in Queensland when the policy is issued
  • Accident insurance - insurance under section 8 of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
  • Compulsory third party insurance - insurance under the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994.

Paying insurance duty

Usually, the insurer or broker pays the insurance duty to us.

In some cases, the insured person or the insurance policy holder must pay the duty (e.g. if the insurer is not registered or is an overseas company).

If you are the insured person and you were not charged insurance duty on your premium, and your policy is not exempt, you may need to pay the insurance duty.

Overseas insurance companies

Certain overseas insurance companies may not have to register with us if they do not conduct business in Queensland.

If this is the case, the insured person must still pay insurance duty on any policy taken out with an overseas insurer that relates to:

  • property in Queensland
  • risks associated with Queensland
  • life insurance for a Queensland resident.

This ensures that overseas insurers do not have an unfair advantage over their Australian competitors.

Register online

Insurers conducting business in Queensland must apply to be registered as a self assessor. As a self assessor, you are required to lodge an insurance duty return every month.

In certain cases, we may allow insurance agents, brokers and insured people to register as self assessors.

The following list has all the information you need when registering online for insurance duty.

Business details

  • Legal entity name
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Australian Company Name (ACN)
  • Trading name (if applicable)
  • Address, business and postal
  • Phone number, business and mobile
  • Email address
  • Commencement date (general and/or life insurance)

Trust details

  • Trustee name
  • ABN (if applicable)
  • ACN

Partnership details

  • Full names of partners - for example, John Citizen, Jane Doe Pty Ltd


Once your application is submitted, you will receive a registration confirmation ID to activate your registration.

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Office of State Revenue

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  • Send an email using our online enquiry form.