Water meter validation

Water meters suffer wear and deterioration through prolonged operation, exposure to the elements or alterations to the pumps and pipes. This can affect the measurement accuracy and reliability of the meter.

All installed new and replacement meters must comply with the Queensland interim water meter standard for non-urban metering (PDF, 470KB). Any existing installed water meters that do not comply with the standard will need to be replaced with a compliant meter when the next major maintenance is required, or no later than the next revalidation date.

Entitlement holders requiring revalidation have been sent a notice requesting their meter be revalidated by the revalidation date. The notice specifies the water meter(s) that require revalidation. The notice includes a final meter revalidation date, when the meters are required to be inspected and validated (i.e. 12 months after the notice was issued).

Revalidating your water meter

You are required to arrange a revalidation inspection by a certified meter validator to independently verify the accuracy and performance of the meter. This may require maintenance or repair work involving removal of the meter, disassembly and replacement of worn or damaged parts.

If the meter is compliant and still meets the manufacturer's specifications, the validator will provide you with a water meter validation certificate (PDF, 1.5MB), which you have to submit to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) within 20 business days of having your meter revalidated.

In some cases, it may not be possible to revalidate an existing meter, particularly if it is old and no longer accurate e.g. Davies Shephard brand meters. In this case, the meter will need to be fully replaced and may require new installation of pipework. Your local irrigation business (i.e. retailer specialising in pumping and water systems) should be able to provide advice about which meters are best suited to your site conditions and operations.

Further information on the validation process can be found in the Water meter installer and validator guide for non-urban water meters (PDF, 1.4MB).

Finding a certified meter validator

A list of meter validators is available from Irrigation Australia Ltd or you can phone (02) 8335 4000 or email info@irrigation.org.au.

Many pump and irrigation service companies in Queensland have certified meter installers/validators on staff.

Taking water for stock and/or domestic purposes only

You do not need to revalidate your meter if your metered works (pump) is no longer used to take water under the authority of your metered water entitlement. For example, if your pump is now only used for stock and domestic purposes or other prescribed activity listed under Schedule 3 of the Water Regulation 2016 (e.g. dairy or machine wash-down, filling spray tanks).

Metered entitlement holders are required to notify DNRME if these circumstances apply.

The Water Act 2000 requires that the holder of a metered entitlement must not take water under the entitlement other than through works that have an approved meter attached (maximum penalty—1,665 penalty units).

An approved meter is one that has been revalidated by the due date of any notice issued by the department and as scheduled in the Water Regulation 2016.

Meter maintenance

You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of your meter which must be revalidated at least once every 5 years by a certified meter validator. If a meter is non-operational, you must complete a water use assessment report (form W2F095) (PDF, 1.7MB). This will account for water used during the time the meter was malfunctioning or being repaired.