Water bore investigation process

Water bores that have been potentially impacted by resource industry operations are investigated by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water. Concerned landholders should phone our Toowoomba office on (07) 4529 1394.

When we undertake an investigation, we follow the process below.

TimelineStep What we will do
Within 10 days of receiving your complaint Desktop investigation and risk assessment We will compile all existing information and records. This includes checking resource company records and other activities in the surrounding area
Within 20 days of receiving your complaint Field investigation (if required) We will contact the bore owner to arrange an inspection, if required. The investigation will collect basic information on the bore's condition, water level, depth, water quality and performance
Within 20 days of final site inspection (however, detailed results may take up to 2 months to be finalised) Data analysis and investigation report We will analyse all relevant information and provide the bore owner with an investigation report. We will also provide the bore owner with an opportunity to discuss the findings of the investigation report