Simtars - safety research, testing and training

The Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station (Simtars) is a world-leading centre of excellence for mining safety and health research that also offers scientific, engineering and training services to the mining and allied industries. Your business can take advantage of these services, which include research, testing and certification.


Enrol in training at Simtars to ensure you are qualified to work safely in the mining, construction, oil and gas, and resources industries. We are a registered training provider offering specialist courses that promote safety, health and good working practices. Our courses range from introductory through to advanced technical training. These can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Delivered by industry experts, our training incorporates flexible learning environments, including virtual reality technology, e-learning and face-to-face strategies, to enhance your learning outcomes.

Dust management services

Simtars provides service excellence in the fields of measuring, assessing and managing the risk from exposures to dust and particulate hazards in the workplace. We also provide services to test and assess the size, combustibility and explosion potential of dusts to enable control of fire or explosion hazards in manufacturing and processing operations.

Emergency response and preparedness

Simtars has an emergency response team on-call 24/7 to provide expert assistance to underground coal mines. We provide a gas monitoring solution - mobile gas laboratory (20-point tube bundle system and gas chromatograph) - remote support and personnel to the mine site during an emergency.

Research and development

Simtars delivers innovative research and information services to the mining and allied industries to enhance mine safety and health outcomes.

Specialist services

Simtars offers specialist consulting services around mine safety and accident investigation as well as tailored testing services to suit your needs. These include:

  • combustible dust services
  • engineering, testing, certification and calibration services
  • gas analyses services
  • gas monitoring and consulting services
  • laboratory services
  • occupational hygiene services
  • spontaneous combustion testing services.

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