Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee

The committee advises the Minister on the safety and health of mineral mine and quarry workers by:

Committee members

The committee members represent the Queensland Government, mine and quarry workers, and mine and quarry operators. Members are appointed for terms of up to 3 years by the Minister and there is no limit to the number of terms members can serve.

  • Kate du Preez, Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health, Chair
  • Luca Rocchi, Chief Inspector of Mines, Queensland Mines Inspectorate
  • Stephen Carson, District workers' representative
  • Julie Devine, Queensland Mines Inspectorate
  • Grant Egginton, Queensland Resources Council
  • Frederick (John) Hempseed, Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union
  • Gavin Lawrence, Australian Workers' Union
  • Katie Ormonde, Queensland Mines Inspectorate
  • Russel Wilson, Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia
  • Maryann Wipaki, Queensland Resources Council

Substitute members

  • Peter Ambrose, Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia
  • Simon Delander, Queensland Resources Council

Annual report