How to lodge a royalty return

The easiest way to lodge a return is through Queensland Revenue Office's online lodgement system, QRO Online.

QRO Online includes online guides to help you complete your return.

You first need to create a personal account and then link your account to your company. See the instructions on:

Lodging online

Follow these steps to lodge your quarterly or annual return or monthly instalment:

  1. Log in to QRO Online.
  2. Select the Royalty tile if you are the royalty client, or the View accounts tile to choose a client’s account that you have permission to access.
  3. Select Lodgements from the side menu to see the return and monthly instalment (if applicable) obligations for each operation.
  4. Select the period and operation and click Lodge to start the process.
  5. Complete the fields in each tab. The information icon at the top right of each commodity tab links to more information for that commodity.

If the return or instalment calculates a total payable amount, you can view the liability immediately after lodgement by selecting Payments from the side menu.

Each lodged return or instalment has a unique transaction number, which is also the payment reference code for the transaction.

If the return calculates a credit amount (shown in brackets), there is no liability owing. These returns may display under Payments at a later date, if we have made a decision to retain the credit amount to offset against a future liability.

These resources will help you lodge your returns:

If you cannot lodge a quarterly or annual return online, complete one of the following forms and lodge by the due date:

You can also request a partially pre-filled form emailing

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