Royalty record keeping, privacy and confidentiality

Royalty record keeping

To ensure that information is kept for an appropriate time for determining royalty liability, you must keep your royalty records for 5 years. For records created before 12 June 2014, which were already required to be kept under the Mineral Resources Act 1989, the period is unchanged (7 years).

Records must be written in English and have amounts expressed in Australian currency, or be capable of ready conversion into the required form.

We may require the translation or conversion of any information that we reasonably believe is relevant to administer royalties, regardless of who holds the information.

It is an offence to not meet your record keeping obligations. It is also an offence to wilfully damage records.

Privacy and confidentiality for royalties

All information and records (electronic and hardcopy) that we obtain from you in relation to royalties are protected by law.

Your information and records are maintained in accordance with the:


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