Technical reports for the Surat CMA

The Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment carries out research in collaboration with other research bodies and resource operators to improve understanding of the groundwater flow system in the Surat Cumulative Management Area (Surat CMA).

Large file warning: Many of the files below are very large. If you have trouble downloading these reports, email to obtain printed copies or copies on USB.

Hydrogeological characterisation of faults in the Surat Basin

Report assessing fault-induced connectivity between the Walloon Coal Measures and adjacent aquifers.

Analysis of groundwater level trends in the Hutton Sandstone, Springbok Sandstone and Condamine Alluvium – Surat CMA

Report examining the impacts of CSG groundwater extraction from the Walloon Coal Measures on the observed groundwater level trends in adjacent aquifers.

Technical summary: terrestrial groundwater-dependent ecosystems in the Surat CMA

Report providing a methodology to prioritise groundwater impacts on terrestrial groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDE), integrating model predictions and mapped GDEs in the Surat CMA. The report includes a literature review on groundwater use by terrestrial GDEs.

Updated geology and geological model for the Surat CMA

Report providing an overview of up-to-date geology of the Surat and southern Bowen basins and detailing the major revision of the geological model in the Surat CMA.

Identification of gaining streams in the Surat CMA

Report summarising an investigation to identify surface water streams that are fed by groundwater in the Surat CMA. The accurate mapping of these ‘gaining streams’ is essential to help us improve our understanding of how surface and groundwater interact.

Groundwater connectivity between the Condamine Alluvium and the Walloon Coal Measures

Report summarising investigations into the flow of groundwater between 2 major geological formations in the Surat Basin - the Condamine Alluvium and the Walloon Coal Measures.

Springs in the Surat CMA

Report summarising our current understanding of springs in the Surat CMA.

Hydrogeological conceptualisation report for the Surat CMA

Report on the distribution and movement of groundwater in the Surat, Clarence-Moreton and Bowen basins within the Surat CMA.

Surat CMA groundwater modelling report

Report describing the construction and calibration of the current regional groundwater flow model used by OGIA to predict water pressure impacts on aquifers in the Surat CMA.

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