Location and geology of the Surat CMA

The Surat CMA takes in the Surat and southern Bowen geological basins.

Map of the Surat Cumulative Management Area

Map of the Surat Cumulative Management Area

Gas is produced from the Walloon Coal Measures of the Surat Basin and from the Bandanna Formation and Cattle Creek Formation of the southern Bowen Basin.

These coal-bearing formations consist of many thin coal seams separated by low-permeability rock. The coal seams collectively make up a small proportion of the total thickness of the coal-bearing formations.

The Walloon Coal Measures is a geological layer of the Great Artesian Basin. It comprises layers of lower-permeability rocks alternating with aquifers of high economic importance, which also feed springs of high ecological and cultural importance.

The coal-bearing formations have variable potential for coal seam gas (CSG) production. Since 2012, the area of planned CSG development has contracted significantly as resource operators improve their understanding of the resource.

Introduction to the Surat CMA

The video below provides an introductory overview of the Surat CMA.

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Geology of the Surat CMA

The video below shows the basins and geological formations, the complexity of the geological layers, effects of these layers, and movement of groundwater.

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Groundwater impact from CSG development

The video below explains how groundwater impacts may occur in aquifers surrounding the CSG formations in the Surat Basin.

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