Surat CMA underground water impact report

The Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA) prepared the first underground water impact report (UWIR) for the Surat CMA in 2012, and published a revised UWIR in 2016.

The UWIR provides assessments of regional impacts on groundwater pressures and establishes integrated management arrangements, such as regional monitoring strategies. It also identifies individual responsibilities for implementing various aspects of the strategies.

The 2016 UWIR includes updates of the:

  • maps of predicted water pressure impacts in aquifers
  • water monitoring strategy
  • management strategy for springs that could be affected by falls in water levels.

The OGIA consulted with resource operators, bore owners and the public on the development of the UWIR. You can download a summary of consultations below.

Note: If you have trouble downloading these reports, email to obtain printed copies or copies on USB.

Bore search

You can obtain information about predicted impacts for specific bores by conducting a bore search.

2016 Surat UWIR

Superseded reports

Annual reports on the UWIR

The OGIA prepares annual reports on the implementation of the UWIR, including progress of the water monitoring strategy and spring impact management strategy, as well as changes to predicted impacts resulting from changes to development planning by resource authority holders.

Note: No annual report was published in 2015 because the 2016 Surat UWIR provides an update on the implementation of management strategies.

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