Betting tax due dates and late lodgement

You must lodge and pay your betting tax returns on time to avoid unpaid tax interest and penalties. You can lodge your returns through QRO Online.

Monthly returns and payments are due 21 days after the end of the month. If a due date is on a weekend or a public holiday, the due date is the next business day.

Annual returns and payments are due 21 days after the end of the financial year.

Final returns must be lodged no later than 21 days after you have a change of status.

To help you meet your betting tax obligations, the following table sets out the specific dates for lodging and paying your upcoming betting tax monthly and annual returns.

Due dateReturn period
23 January 2023 December 2022 monthly return
21 February 2023 January 2023 monthly return
21 March 2023 February 2023 monthly return
21 April 2023 March 2023 monthly return
22 May 2023 April 2023 monthly return
21 June 2023 May 2023 monthly return
21 July 2023 2022–23 annual return
21 August 2023 July 2023 monthly return
21 September 2023 August 2023 monthly return
23 October 2023 September 2023 monthly return
21 November 2023 October 2023 monthly return
21 December 2023 November 2023 monthly return

Late lodgement of returns

If we issue you with a default assessment notice because you did not lodge a periodic, annual or final return by the due date, you will be charged penalty tax (75% of the betting tax). This is in addition to your existing betting tax liability.

Penalty tax may increase by up to 20% in certain circumstances.

Penalty tax may be remitted in some instances. Read the public ruling on penalty tax (TAA060.2) for more information.


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