Food and beverage industry regulations and compliance

Food safety regulations apply to each stage of food and beverage production, from production, processing and manufacture to distribution and sale.

If you are considering starting a business in the food and beverage industry, make sure you are aware of the food safety regulations. You need to understand how your business can meet your obligations and comply with these regulations, or you may face fines or prosecutions.

Food safety regulations

Food safety standards outlined by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) apply to every business involved in the handling of food for sale, or the sale of food, in Australia.

Queensland Health has overall responsibility for food safety in Queensland, including food safety for restaurants and food retailers, and issues with food labelling and food tampering.

Safe Food Production Queensland regulates the food production systems for meat, eggs, dairy, seafood and horticulture (seed sprouts) through industry-based food safety schemes. As Queensland's regulator for primary production and processing activities, Safe Food works in collaboration with industry to verify compliance with food safety requirements in a manner that supports the protection of public health and safety while also reducing the impost on businesses.

As a food and beverage business owner, you must be familiar with:

You can get more information on food safety in Australia from:

  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – provides import and export inspection and certification to help Australia keep its highly favourable animal, plant and human health status, and wide access to overseas export markets
  • JAS-ANZ – provides accreditation and certification for food safety systems in Australia and New Zealand.

Food safety compliance

Producing safe food is essential to your business's success, as your customers will expect that your food products are safe. You must be able to verify the safety and quality of your products to other businesses that you supply your products to, such as manufacturers, retailers and fast food franchises, as well as to export markets if you choose to export overseas.

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