Using the food contract manufacturing survey results

Understanding why and how businesses in Queensland's food processing industry contract manufacturing work out or in will give you key information to help you with many areas of your business.

Industry standards

While they may not be formalised, the survey results are a guide to industry standards regarding contract manufacturing in the food processing industry. Knowing what the industry is doing, what is working, and what could be improved, can help you to improve your business so it stands out from your competitors.

Business planning

Knowing why businesses in your industry use contract manufacturing, and the benefits it provides them, is essential information that can help you to better plan and run your business. As your business plan should contain detailed information about how you will operate your business, knowing what the expectations for your business are will make it easier for you to write and update your plan.

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Benchmarking your business involves comparing it to other businesses in your industry. Consider how you use contract manufacturing - or how you plan to use it - and compare this with the survey findings. This helps you to identify where businesses are making good choices that you would like to replicate, or where you feel you could improve by doing something differently.

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