Developmental fishery applications

You can apply for a developmental fisheries permit through Fisheries Queensland, part of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

Fisheries Queensland uses a step-by-step process to assess and progress developmental fishery applications. Applications are advertised for public comment and are reviewed by a management and scientific advisory committee (MSAC) established by Fisheries Queensland. The committee consists of managers, scientists, compliance officers and other relevant persons.

Applications must also proceed through Native Title notification. A successful developmental fishery will operate for 3-5 years while an assessment is made on the sustainability and viability of the operation.

If Fisheries Queensland determines that the fishery is sustainable and viable, it will seek legislative changes to commercialise the fishery. Appropriate operators will then be selected to obtain licences for the fishery.

The Queensland developmental fishing policy outlines the complete application process.

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