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Cut and swab - video transcript

In the Cut and swab method video Jen Ford, from City of Gold Coast, demonstrates how to control pest vines and multi-stemmed shrubs.

[Jen Ford, City of Gold Coast]

This is cat's claw creeper - it may even look dead but it's not, this vine gets so thick and so heavy in a few more years it's likely to bring down this tree. It's got its own special method, so we're going to cut it off in here and then peel it off the tree and then we're going to get in here nice and low, do another cut then we're going to paint it. We're painting it here with a mix of Glyphosate and water at 1:1.

Now, because this has got a big tuber beneath the soil, I'm going to use my trusty knife and I'm going to scrape a bit more bark off it and paint it again - because that allows me to get that more volume of herbicide into that big tuber underneath the soil.

Watch our Cut and swab method video.