Aerial distribution contractor licence

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About the aerial distribution contractor licence

Any person or organisation that is in the business of aerial distribution of agricultural chemicals, or directs or authorises an aircraft to be used to do so, must hold an aerial distribution contractor licence issued under the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966.

A licensed aerial distribution contractor may also distribute herbicides from ground equipment, or direct or authorise ground equipment to be used to do so.

Apply for an aerial distribution contractor licence

If you wish to obtain an aerial distribution contractor licence, you must first hold a licence to do aerial work, issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. For manned aircraft this is an air operator certificate (AOC), endorsed to conduct aerial application operations. For an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) you need an unmanned aerial vehicle operator’s certificate (UOC) or a remotely piloted aircraft operator's certificate (ReOC) approved for aerial work operations.

To apply, complete 1 of these forms below and pay the prescribed fee:

If you use the online form, you can pay the fees online. If you use the paper (PDF) form, you can pay the fees by cheque, money order, debit or credit card.

An aerial distribution contractor licence is issued for either a 1 or 3 year period, which you nominate when you apply.

For information on obtaining an aerial distribution contractor licence, including the licence fee, contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23.

Note: If you are an aerial distribution contractor and also intend to be a pilot in command of an aircraft to carry out aerial distribution, you must hold a pilot chemical rating licence in addition to an aerial distribution contractor licence. Learn more about applying for a pilot chemical rating licence.

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