Panama disease tropical race 4: information and resources for banana growers

Biosecurity Queensland has confirmed that Panama disease tropical race 4 is present in north Queensland.

A number of resources have been produced to help you protect your property from Panama disease tropical race 4, including a grower kit, information on community support, farm gate signage and resources for farm workers.

Panama disease tropical race 4 grower kit

The grower kit brings together the latest information about the disease and on-farm biosecurity practices, specifically for banana growers. We have mailed 2 kits to each farm in north Queensland and you can also access the grower kit online.

The kit includes:

  • detailed information about identifying Panama disease tropical race 4
  • a decontamination guide
  • information regarding diagnostic testing processes for Panama disease tropical race 4
  • Biosecurity Queensland processes
  • frequently asked questions
  • trapping feral pigs on the Cassowary Coast: a practical guide
  • the process for diagnostic testing of Panama disease tropical race 4
  • new legislative requirements
  • information on what happens after a sample has been collected from your property to be tested for Panama disease tropical race
  • industry and community support service contacts.

Equipment and items that have come into contact with plant or soil material such as vehicles, machinery, tools, clothing and boots, have the potential to spread the disease. The decontamination guide, which details personal and vehicle and machinery decontamination procedures to help prevent disease spread, is available in English, Hmong (PDF, 1.2MB) and Punjabi (PDF, 1.6MB) .

The standards and guidelines also provide advice to help banana growers protect their farms.

Information and contact details for general community support services and the Panama support service is available to individuals who may be experiencing financial, social or emotional hardship as a result of changed circumstances.

Farm gate signage

We've produced farm gate signage to increase awareness among local residents, farm workers, backpackers, tourists and visitors of the importance of biosecurity measures to protect our largest horticultural industry. Two signs are available to each farm in north Queensland.

The signs alert those arriving at a banana farm that they need permission to enter.

There is a space on the sign for your telephone number. We recommend that you insert a number that is in use during and after business hours. Otherwise, include 2 numbers - one for business hours and another for after business hours.

Collecting farm gate signage

Signage can be collected from a number of designated locations between 9am and 2pm, Monday to Friday. Call 13 25 23 for details.

Printing your own signage

You have the option to download and print additional farm gate signs. The farm gate sign (680mm wide x 510mm high) should be printed on 1.6mm aluminium with rounded corners and holes in each corner. We recommend that the signs have an 8508 reflective UV overlay applied to help prevent fading.

Information for farm workers

We've developed information and resources for banana farm workers in English, Hmong, Korean, Laotian, Punjabi, Italian, French and Cantonese. You can also watch a short video on identifying and reporting suspect plants.

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