Quarantine options for the Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Programme

Quarantine requirements will apply to any workers entering the state to protect the current labour force and Queensland residents. The number of workers able to enter will be limited by Queensland's quarantine capacity.

There are 3 quarantine options:

  • on-farm quarantine of workers from low COVID-risk Pacific nations
  • industry-led regional quarantine facilities for workers from low COVID-risk Pacific nations
  • sometimes, there is capacity for small numbers of workers in hotel quarantine.

All quarantine arrangements must be approved by the Queensland Chief Health Officer.

On-farm quarantine

Approved employers must receive Queensland Government approval for their recruitment, including an International Quarantine Plan endorsed by Queensland's Chief Health Officer.

Some of the key requirements of an on-farm International Quarantine Plan include:

  • workers must be recruited from Pacific nations where the risk of COVID-19 is low
  • the quarantine accommodation must be isolated from populated areas
  • between 30 and 80 workers must quarantine together as a group
  • approved employers must arrange supervisors to quarantine with the workers and the supervisors must ensure there is no contact with other employees and the broader community
  • approved employers are responsible for enforcing the plan and meeting all associated costs including transport, accommodation, meals, COVID-19 tests and other worker needs.

If you think you can meet the above requirements, the next step is to read the on-farm quarantine guidelines and use the Queensland Government on-farm quarantine application form, which will guide you through what is needed in an International Quarantine Plan.

Once you have developed a draft International Quarantine Plan for on-farm quarantine, we highly recommended you contact us to arrange a meeting with an assessment team member, who will help identify any areas that need to be improved before you apply.

If you are not the owner/occupier of the proposed on-farm quarantine accommodation site or workplace, you will be required to also provide a letter of consent from the owner.

To submit your form for the:

Case study of on-farm quarantine

Listen to our interview with Craig Pressler, owner of 2PH in Central Queensland, and his research and development manager Andrew Miles about their experience with the Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Programme and on-farm quarantine.

Run time: 13 minutes

Industry-led regional quarantine facilities

The Queensland Government will now consider proposals for industry-led regional quarantine facilities that could quarantine larger numbers of workers.

Arrangements for an industry-led regional quarantine facility are similar to on-farm quarantine arrangements—an International Quarantine Plan must be approved by Queensland's Chief Health Officer. However, workers remain at the facility and participate in training and organised activities rather than working on a farm.

An approved employer who is interested in operating a regional facility should read the industry-led regional quarantine facility guidelines and contact us to discuss making an application for arrangements at the facility.

Hotel quarantine

From time to time there is capacity for small numbers of workers to quarantine in hotel quarantine.

There is high demand for these places.

Endorsement of a separate International Quarantine Plan is not required because the quarantine of the workers is managed by the Queensland Government. The approved employer will need to meet the cost of quarantine of the workers.

If you are interested in hotel quarantine of your workers, the next step is to read the hotel quarantine guidelines and use the Queensland Government hotel quarantine application form.

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