Definition of a seasonal worker in the agribusiness and fisheries industry

Employers in the agribusiness and fisheries industry may hire seasonal workers needing to travel into and within Queensland to undertake work. A seasonal worker is a person who travels to, or within, Queensland for work as it becomes available, requiring them to relocate and stay in temporary accommodation. A seasonal worker can be:

  • a person coming from overseas to travel and work temporarily in Australia (for example, a backpacker or visa holder)
  • an Australian resident seeking seasonal work either locally or across the country.

Seasonal workers can be skilled or unskilled and may be needed to:

  • pick fruit and vegetables
  • work in packing sheds, canneries and other processing plants or factories
  • prune, cut and plant crops such as sugar cane and grain
  • work on sheep and cattle stations, piggeries and poultry farms.

To protect you, your workforce and Queensland, the Queensland Government has border control measures. You will need to consider these when employing seasonal workers.


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