Employing local workers in agribusiness and commercial fisheries during COVID-19

All businesses must manage the risks of COVID-19 in their workplace.

If you only employ local workers who are returning to their permanent residence after work each day, you still need to manage the risk of COVID-19, but you are not required to complete and submit a workplace health management plan to Queensland Health.

To manage the risk of COVID-19 you should, however, have a workplace health and safety (WHS) plan in place that explains how you intend on protecting yourself and your workers from exposure to COVID-19. A WHS plan template (PDF, 180KB) is available on the Worksafe Queensland website. All businesses must also follow social distancing requirements and any relevant Public Health Directions.

If you employ both seasonal workers and local workers and have a workplace health management plan (DOC, 249KB) in place that covers all COVID-19 WHS management measures, you do not need to duplicate this information in a separate WHS plan.

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