Tips for using the Titles Registry templates

Application requirements

  • Microsoft Word - version 2000 or higher recommended
  • PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or higher (editable using Adobe Acrobat)

Downloading and navigating

  • To download the file, right-click the hyperlink and select Save target as.
  • Use the tab key to move from field to field or use the mouse to select the relevant field.

Customising templates (Word format only)

To customise a template (e.g. by adding lodger details or a signing clause):

  1. Save then open the file.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Save the modified file as a .dot format using an appropriate file name.

Adding rows in text fields

To add a row in any text field (e.g. multiple lot on plan descriptions, title references or transferees), press Enter at the end of each text field that makes up the row.

Deleting words that do not apply

Some forms allow the deletion of words that do not apply. Highlight the words and use the Delete key. When this feature is used, the file must be saved with another name.

Note: Making other, unauthorised changes may make the form non-compliant.

Optical character recognition (OCR) requirements

Forms have been designed to allow for digital scanning and OCR technologies. The angle brackets in each corner are set in specific positions on the form and must not be altered or moved. Printing in 10 point capitalised Arial font will give your documents the best result for processing

Saving completed forms

  • Completed Word forms may be saved and/or printed.
  • Completed PDF forms may be printed, but can only be saved if using Adobe Acrobat.