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Dealing with a death

16 May 2018: We are trialling a new online tool to help you decide which form to use when someone dies. Try the form finder to record a death and let us know what you think.

Trust Details form

28 May 2018: The Form 20 - Trust Details form is now accepted for deposit and is available for download below. Please ensure that the current version of the form available below is used because there was a slight amendment to the version previously provided. For further information and guidance (including a guide to completion) please refer to the Land Title Practice Manual.

Tips for completing forms

FormVer.Date Form name Download form
PNN 1 16/10/17 Priority notice form (DOT, 160KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 1.1MB)
PNE 1 16/10/17 Extension of priority notice form (DOT, 84KB)
PNW 1 16/10/17 Withdrawal of priority notice form (DOT, 74KB)
Form 1 5 26/03/07 Transfer (PDF, 131KB)
(DOT, 60KB)
Checklist (basic) (PDF, 25KB)
Checklist (to trustee) (PDF, 31KB)
Forms 1 & 24   18/09/17 Transfer with property information (PDF, 437KB)
(DOT, 121KB)
Form 24 Guide for completion (PDF, 263KB)
NMF 1.5 27/05/17 National mortgage form Online form
(DOT, 179KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 535KB)
Form 3 4 26/03/07 Release (PDF, 89KB)
(DOT, 37KB)
Checklist (PDF, 22KB)
Form 4 5 26/03/07 Request to record death (PDF, 149KB)
(DOT, 44KB)
Form 5 7 27/04/18 Transmission application (Grant in Queensland or Queensland Recognised Grant) (PDF, 3.2MB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 5A 8 27/04/18 Transmission application (No Grant in Queensland or no Queensland Recognised Grant) (PDF, 1MB)
(DOT, 76KB)
Form 6 8 17/07/17 Transmission application for devisee/legatee (PDF, 161KB)
(DOT, 62KB)
Forms 6 & 24A   17/07/17 Transmission application for devisee/legatee with Form 24A (PDF, 238KB)
(DOT, 115KB)
Form 7 6 26/03/07 Lease/sub-lease (PDF, 99KB)
(DOT, 45KB)
Checklist (PDF, 42KB)
Forms 7 & 20   26/03/07 Lease/sub-lease with Form 20 schedule (PDF, 134KB)
(DOT, 48KB)
Form 8 4 26/03/07 Surrender of freehold lease or sub-lease (PDF, 93KB)
(DOT, 39KB)
Form 9 4 26/03/07 Easement (PDF, 88KB)
(DOT, 45KB)
Checklist (basic) (PDF, 37KB)
Checklist (in gross) (PDF, 24KB)
Form 10 4 26/03/07 Surrender of easement (PDF, 89KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 11 4 26/03/07 Caveat (PDF, 86KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 12 4 26/03/07 Request to register writ/warrant of execution (PDF, 86KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Form 13 6 26/03/07 Amendment (PDF, 86KB)
(DOT, 42KB)
Forms 13 & 20   26/03/07 Amendment with Form 20 schedule (PDF, 1MB)
(DOT, 44KB)
Form 14 4 26/03/07 General request (PDF, 81KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Forms 14 & CMS   26/03/07 General request with community management statement (PDF, 142KB)
(DOT, 64KB)
Checklist (first CMS) (PDF, 47KB)
Checklist (new CMS) (PDF, 56KB)
Form 15 4 26/03/07 Request to amalgamate (PDF, 529KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 16 4 26/03/07 Request to register power of attorney/revocation of power of attorney (PDF, 77KB)
(DOT, 35KB)
Checklist (Form 1) (PDF, 35KB)
Checklist (Form 2) (PDF, 47KB)
Checklist (Form 3) (PDF, 47KB)
Form 17 4 26/03/07 Request to dispense with production of instrument (PDF, 95KB)
(DOT, 46KB)
Form 18 5 26/03/07 General consent (PDF, 70KB)
(DOT, 34KB)
Form 19 4 26/03/07 Application for title (PDF, 87KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Form 20 2 26/03/07 Schedule/enlarged panel (annexure) (PDF, 132KB)
(DOT, 33KB)
Form 20 2 26/03/07 Enlarged panel (annexure) (PDF, 130KB)
(DOT, 37KB)
Form 20 2 26/03/07 Schedule (annexure) (PDF, 20KB)
(DOT, 33KB)
Form 20 2 21/03/12 Schedule (annexure, alteration/minor correction) (PDF, 600KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 20 2 28/05/18 Trust Details Form (PDF, 995KB)
(DOTX, 25KB)
Form 21 4 16/12/15 Plan of Survey (Main Plan) (PDF, 13KB)
Plan cover sheet (PDF, 914KB)
Plan cover sheet (DOTX, 25KB) 
Form 21A 1 29/08/06 Plan of Survey (Additional Sheet) (PDF, 15KB)
Form 21B 1 02/09/16         Plan of Survey (Administration Sheet) (PDF, 29KB)
Form 24 8 18/09/17         Property information (transfer) (electronic version) (PDF, 380KB)
(DOT, 93KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 263KB)
Form 24 8 18/09/17 Property information (transfer) (completion by hand) (PDF, 42KB)
(DOT, 61KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 263KB) 
Form 24A 3 20/04/16 Property information (transmission application) (electronic version) (PDF, 216KB)
(DOT, 28KB)
Form 24A 3 21/03/16 Property information (transmission application) (completion by hand) (PDF, 21KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 25 4 21/03/14 Foreign ownership (PDF, 78KB)
(DOT, 21KB)
Form 29 3 26/03/07 Profit à prendre (PDF, 90KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 30 3 26/03/07 Mortgage priority (PDF, 87KB)
(DOT, 39KB)
Form 31 3 26/03/07 Covenant (PDF, 84KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Form 32 3 26/03/07 Building management statement (PDF, 88KB)
(DOT, 36KB)
Form 33 3 26/03/07 Release of covenant/profit à prendre (PDF, 89KB)
(DOT, 39KB)
Form 34 3 26/03/07 Extinguishment of building management statement (PDF, 86KB)
(DOT, 37KB)
Form 36 1 17/12/12 Carbon abatement interest (PDF, 54KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 37 1 17/12/12 Surrender of carbon abatement interest (PDF, 77KB)
(DOT, 41KB)
Form 39 1 31/05/13 High-density development easement (PDF, 82KB)
(DOT, 55KB)
Form 40 1 31/05/13 Surrender of high-density development easement (PDF, 52KB)
(DOT, 41KB)
Form 41 1 09/07/14 Indigenous cultural interest (PDF, 26KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Form 42 1 09/07/14 Surrender of Indigenous cultural interest (PDF, 28KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
CMS 3 26/03/07 Community management statement (PDF, 142KB)
(DOT, 64KB)

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