Titles Registry forms

New versions of Form 13, Form 21Z, Form 25, Form CMS and new Form 18C

For details of the transitional periods and changes, refer to the update summaries.

Tips for downloading and completing forms

FormVer.Date Form name Download form
PNN 1 16/10/17 Priority notice form (DOT, 160KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 1.1MB)
PNE 1 16/10/17 Extension of priority notice form (DOT, 84KB)
PNW 1 16/10/17 Withdrawal of priority notice form (DOT, 74KB)
Form 1 5 26/03/07 Transfer (PDF, 131KB)
(DOT, 60KB)
Checklist (basic) (PDF, 41KB)
Checklist (to trustee) (PDF, 51KB)
Forms 1 & 24   18/09/17 Transfer with property information (PDF, 437KB)
(DOT, 121KB)
Form 24 Guide for completion (PDF, 263KB)
NMF 1.5 27/05/17 National mortgage form Online form
(DOT, 179KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 535KB)
Form 3 4 26/03/07 Release (PDF, 89KB)
(DOT, 37KB)
Checklist (PDF, 65KB)
Form 4 5 26/03/07 Request to record death (PDF, 1MB)
(DOT, 44KB)
Form 5 7 27/04/18 Transmission application (Grant in Queensland or Queensland Recognised Grant) (PDF, 3.2MB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 5A 8 27/04/18 Transmission application (No Grant in Queensland or no Queensland Recognised Grant) (PDF, 1MB)
(DOT, 76KB)
Form 6 8 17/07/17 Transmission application for devisee/legatee (PDF, 1.3MB)
(DOT, 62KB)
Forms 6 & 24A   17/07/17 Transmission application for devisee/legatee with Form 24A (PDF, 1.5MB)
(DOT, 115KB)
Form 7 6 26/03/07 Lease/sub-lease (PDF, 99KB)
(DOT, 45KB)
Checklist (PDF, 52KB)
Forms 7 & 20   26/03/07 Lease/sub-lease with Form 20 schedule (PDF, 134KB)
(DOT, 48KB)
Form 8 4 26/03/07 Surrender of freehold lease or sub-lease (PDF, 1.4MB)
(DOT, 39KB)
Form 9 4 26/03/07 Easement (PDF, 88KB)
(DOT, 45KB)
Checklist (basic) (PDF, 46KB)
Checklist (in gross) (PDF, 46KB)
Form 10 4 26/03/07 Surrender of easement (PDF, 967KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 11 4 26/03/07 Caveat (PDF, 86KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 12 4 26/03/07 Request to register writ/warrant of execution (PDF, 86KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Form 13 7 01/07/20 Amendment (PDF, 1.7MB)
(DOTX, 26KB)
Forms 13 & 20   01/07/20 Amendment with Form 20 schedule (PDF, 1.7MB)
(DOTX, 28KB)
Form 14 4 26/03/07 General request (PDF, 81KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Forms 14 & CMS   30/11/20 General request with community management statement (PDF, 1.8MB)
(DOTX, 48KB)
Checklist (first CMS) (PDF, 51.5KB)
Checklist (new CMS) (PDF, 56.7KB)
Form 18C Planning Body CMS Notation (PDF, 19.1KB)
Form 18C Planning Body CMS Notation (DOTX, 23.1KB)
Form 15 4 26/03/07 Request to amalgamate (PDF, 529KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 16 4 26/03/07 Request to register power of attorney/revocation of power of attorney (PDF, 77KB)
(DOT, 35KB)
Checklist (Form 1) (PDF, 56KB)
Checklist (Form 2 or 3) (PDF, 43.3KB)
Form 18 5 26/03/07 General consent (PDF, 94.5KB)
(DOT, 34KB)
Form 18A 1 24/04/20 Registered Owners/Lessees Consent to Survey Plan (PDF, 63KB)
(DOTX, 18.5KB)
Form 18B 1 24/04/20 Planning Body Approval of Survey Plan (PDF, 36KB)
(DOTX, 19KB)
Form 18C 1 30/11/20 Planning Body Community Management Statement Notation (PDF, 19.1KB)
(DOTX, 23.1KB)
Form 20 2 26/03/07 Schedule/enlarged panel/additional page/declaration (annexure) (PDF, 1.2MB)
(DOT, 45KB)
Form 20 2 26/03/07 Enlarged panel (annexure) (PDF, 1MB)
(DOT, 45KB)
Form 20 2 26/03/07 Schedule (annexure) (PDF, 1.2MB)
(DOT, 45KB)
Form 20 2 21/03/12 Schedule (annexure, alteration/minor correction) (PDF, 600KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
Form 20 2 28/05/18 Trust Details Form (PDF, 995KB)
(DOTX, 25KB)
Form 20 2 01/10/19 Identity/witnessing certification (completion by hand) (PDF, 19KB)
(DOTX, 42KB)
Form 20 2 01/10/19 Identity/witnessing certification (electronic version) (PDF, 940KB)
(DOTX, 43KB)
Annex 12.2 - - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade– Australian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate Identity and Witnessing Certification (PDF, 23KB)
Form 21 4 16/12/15 Plan of Survey (Main Plan) (PDF, 13KB)
Form 21Z Plan cover sheet (PDF, 667KB)
Form 21Z Plan cover sheet (DOTX, 25.5KB)
Form 21A 1 29/08/06 Plan of Survey (Additional Sheet) (PDF, 15KB)
Form 21B 2 24/04/20                Plan of Survey (Administration Sheet) (PDF, 42KB)
Form 21Z 2 30/11/20 Plan cover sheet Form 21Z Plan cover sheet (PDF, 26KB)
Form 21Z Plan cover sheet (DOTX, 22KB)
Form 24 8 18/09/17         Property information (transfer) (electronic version) (PDF, 380KB)
(DOT, 93KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 140KB)
Form 24 8 18/09/17 Property information (transfer) (completion by hand) (PDF, 42KB)
(DOT, 61KB)
Guide for completion (PDF, 140KB)
Form 24A 3 20/04/16 Property information (transmission application) (electronic version) (PDF, 1.2MB)
(DOT, 28KB)
Form 24A 3 21/03/16 Property information (transmission application) (completion by hand) (PDF, 21KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 25 5 01/07/20 Foreign ownership information (PDF, 1.18MB)
(DOTX, 31KB)
Form 29 3 26/03/07 Profit à prendre (PDF, 90KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 30 3 26/03/07 Mortgage priority (PDF, 87KB)
(DOT, 39KB)
Form 31 3 26/03/07 Covenant (PDF, 84KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Form 32 3 26/03/07 Building management statement (PDF, 88KB)
(DOT, 36KB)
Form 33 3 26/03/07 Release of covenant/profit à prendre (PDF, 1.16MB)
(DOT, 39KB)
Form 34 3 26/03/07 Extinguishment of building management statement (PDF, 86KB)
(DOT, 37KB)
Form 36 1 17/12/12 Carbon abatement interest (PDF, 54KB)
(DOT, 43KB)
Form 37 1 17/12/12 Surrender of carbon abatement interest (PDF, 77KB)
(DOT, 41KB)
Form 39 1 31/05/13 High-density development easement (PDF, 82KB)
(DOT, 55KB)
Form 40 1 31/05/13 Surrender of high-density development easement (PDF, 52KB)
(DOT, 41KB)
Form 41 1 09/07/14 Indigenous cultural interest (PDF, 26KB)
(DOT, 38KB)
Form 42 1 09/07/14 Surrender of Indigenous cultural interest (PDF, 28KB)
(DOT, 40KB)
CMS 4 30/11/20 Community management statement (PDF, 1.2MB)
(DOTX, 42.6KB)
Form 18C Planning Body CMS Notation (PDF, 19.1KB)
Form 18C Planning Body CMS Notation (DOTX, 23.1KB)

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