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You can buy title searches and copies of survey plans and titles documents online, in person or by phone.


You can buy current title searches and survey plans online.

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In person or by phone

You can buy searches and document copies by visiting one of our business centres or calling 1300 255 750 or 13 QGOV (13 74 68). Phone orders require a credit card payment and may take several days to be delivered. See the price list below.

Titles Registry prices

Current title searchShows current owners of a lot or water allocation and other registered interests{{ pass_2209 }}
Historical title searchShows all interests registered against the lot or water allocation since 24 April 1994{{ pass_2212 }}
Historical paper-title searchImage of the historical title prior to 24 April 1994{{ pass_36711 }}
Survey plansImage of a survey plan showing location, dimensions and area of a parcel of land{{ pass_36710 }}
Title documentsImage of transfers, mortgages, easements, powers of attorney and caveats and other registered documents{{ pass_2218 }}
Searches of other registersSearches of other registers e.g. leasehold land, unallocated state land, power or attorney, foreign ownership of landContact us

Approved distributors

Legal and property professionals can obtain titles searches and document copies from approved distributors. Please contact the following distributors for details of their services and prices.

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