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Withdrawing dealings

In some cases, dealings may need to be fully withdrawn (e.g. if a transfer does not proceed), or withdrawn and re-entered (e.g. to correct an error in lodgement order). Please follow the procedures below.

Full withdrawal

A dealing can be fully withdrawn only by either:

  • the lodger of a dealing
  • a person authorised by the lodger in writing.

The request must be in the form of a letter (on letterhead if by a solicitor or company). This can be submitted by using our online enquiry form.

Following full withdrawal, the original dealing will be returned to the lodger.

Withdrawal and re-entry

A dealing may need to be withdrawn and re-entered, for example when it has been lodged in the wrong order or when a party signs a form after lodgement.

In these cases, a letter from the lodger will be required (on letterhead if by a solicitor or company). It is important that the letter requests the withdrawal and re-entry of the dealing and not just the withdrawal.

When the dealing is re-entered, it will be given a new dealing number (re-entered/re-lodged) so that is can continue to registration.

For more information on withdrawal of dealings and fees involved in this process, see section 159 of the Land Title Act 1994 and part 60-0150 of the land title practice manual.

If you have any further questions about the withdrawal process, you may use our online enquiry form.


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