Separate title request

If a freehold title covers 2 or more lots, the registered owners can request that separate titles be issued for each of the lots.

This guide explains how to make a request in simple cases where the lots have separate surveyed areas and there are no conditions, agreements or covenants requiring that the lots be held on a single title.

You can also request the issue of a separate title for each lot when you lodge a transfer for 1 or more of the lots in a multiple lot title. In this case, you do not need to make a separate application, but you will need to pay a new title fee for each lot being transferred.

For additional information about Titles Registry forms, see the land title practice manual.

Note: Titles Registry forms are legally binding and must be completed carefully. The Titles Registry can provide general information about forms and requirements. If you require personal advice - that is, advice taking your circumstances into consideration, or the options available to you - then it is recommended that you speak to a lawyer.


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