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Requisition notices

If there is a deficiency with your lodgement, we will send you a requisition notice explaining the matters that require attention and return the original documents to you. You will usually have to pay an additional administration fee.

The requisition notice will include a rejection date (see below for more information). You must comply with the requisition and pay any applicable fees by this date or your lodgement will be rejected.

When a dealing has been requisitioned, the proposed rejection date is in most cases automatically set at 2 months from the date of issue of the requisition.

Note: Responding to your requisition well before the due date for completion will help ensure your lodgement isn't rejected.

Requisitions sent by email

If you are a private lodger and receive a requisition notice by email, we will send your documents back to you separately by registered post. Wait until you have received your documents before coming back into the office of lodgement or taking further action.

Responding to the requisition

Once you have received your documents:

  • attend to any matters listed in the notice (seek legal advice if appropriate)
  • amend the existing document as required in the notice
    • do not prepare a fresh document (unless specifically requested to do so in the notice) as this may cause new lodgement fees to apply
    • do not erase or use correction fluid or similar products
    • rule through errors with a single line and enter the correct information
    • ensure all amendments are initialled by all parties named in the form (except witnessing officers)
  • return all pages that were sent to you to the office of lodgement prior to the rejection due date specified in the notice
  • pay any requisition or other fees listed in the notice.

If you have questions about your requisition, use our online enquiry form.

Rejection due date and extensions

It is important that you comply with the terms of a requisition notice and return the documentation by the rejection due date, or your dealing may be rejected. If your dealing is rejected, we will send you a notice and return documents still held by us. Your dealing will lose lodgement priority and you will forfeit any lodgement fees that you have paid.

If necessary, the lodger of the dealing may request an extension of time by explaining the relevant circumstances in writing to the Registrar of Titles. Send your request to the address listed on the notice or use our online enquiry form. Each request will be assessed on its merits and you will be advised in writing of the outcome of the request.

What happens next

Once we receive your amended documentation, we will re-examine the dealing. If it satisfies all requirements, we will register your dealing and send you a registration confirmation statement.


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