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Signing and witnessing

You will need to sign and date the form. Use dense black or blue ink when signing the form to ensure that a quality electronic image of the signature is produced.

Signing as an individual

You can sign and date the form without having your signature witnessed.

Signing under a power of attorney

An attorney for a person or for a corporation can sign a Titles Registry form under the authority of a power of attorney. Attorneys can sign and date the form without having their signature witnessed. A signing clause must be inserted adjacent to the signature of the attorney stating '[Name of principal] by their duly constituted attorney [Name of attorney and/or designation attorney] under Power of Attorney [dealing number of registered power of attorney]'.

The power of attorney is not required to be registered in the Titles Registry at the time of signing the form, but it must be registered prior to registration of the form in the Titles Registry.

For further information on signing under a power of attorney, please refer to Part 61-3050 of the land title practice manual.

Company signatures

Corporations can execute documents with or without affixing a company seal. If the seal is not affixed, then the full name of the company and its Australian company number must be shown adjacent to the execution. An execution by a company in this manner does not need to be witnessed. The designations of the signatories must also be shown. See Part 50-2000 of the land title practice manual for more information.

Statutory declarations

If a statutory declaration is required, the requirements that apply to the form and witnessing of the declaration are those of the jurisdiction where the declaration is made.

The Registrar of Titles will accept a statutory declaration made by person under the Oaths Act 1867 (Qld) even if the declaration is made outside Queensland, provided the person taking the declaration is authorised under that Act and the form used is as provided for by that Act.

See Part 60-0260 of the land title practice manual for more information about statutory declaration requirements or speak with a lawyer.

Find a qualified witnessing officer

The Queensland Government has a service to help you find a justice of the peace or commissioner for declarations.


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