Completing the forms

Please complete forms carefully, and include all required information. If you make a mistake, follow the correction instructions at the bottom of this page. Failure to do this may result in delays in processing your dealing and additional fees.

You can complete forms by hand or on the computer. Use dense black or blue ink and make sure that all signatures and dates are in original ink. Any text entered on the computer should be in Arial 10 point or larger.

Print the form on A4 white paper, making sure the whole of the form appears on one side of one sheet only. Do not fold forms. You can change the size of the panels, but do not make other changes (e.g. delete panels or change the standard wording) without the approval of the Registrar of Titles.

Some browsers don't support the full functionality of our PDF forms. For help, refer to our Guide to downloading Titles Registry forms (PDF, 184KB), or download the Word (DOT) version of the form instead.

Forms you will need

How to complete Form 17 - Request to dispense

Click on the blue text in the form for help, or see an example of a completed Form 17 (PDF, 921KB).

Lodger details

Insert name, postal address, email address and telephone number for correspondence purposes

Item 1

Insert the nature of and the reference to the missing instrument (e.g. 'Certificate of title' or 'Deed of grant')

Item 2

The description of the relevant lot/s should read 'Lot [no.] on [plan reference]'. Plan references must contain the appropriate prefix, such as SP, RP, BUP, GTP (e.g. Lot 27 on RP 204939). Insert the title reference as it appears on the title search

Item 3

Insert the full name/s of the current registered owner/s as shown on the current title search

Item 4

Insert the full name of the applicant/s. The application must be made by all registered owners

Item 5

Complete Item 5(a) with appropriate information (e.g. 'Registered owner')

Select the appropriate request at Item 5(d) and delete the other:

  • select the first alternative if you are requesting cancellation of your certificate of title and no other Titles Registry form is being lodged.
  • if selecting the second alternative, insert the type of instrument to be registered and the dealing number if already lodged (e.g. 'Transfer 711145698')

All applicants must sign the application in the presence of a qualified witness

How to complete Form 20 - Declaration

Find out how to complete the required statutory declarations.

If you need more space on the form

If there isn't enough space in any item on the form (e.g. if more signatures are required or if several properties are being described), insert 'see enlarged panel' in the relevant item.

Then complete Form 20 - Enlarged panel (PDF, 104KB). In this form, enter the title reference at the top of the form and insert the heading of the item (e.g. 'Item 2. Lot on Plan Description') followed by the information. To finish, enter the page numbers on the top right of all pages.

Lodger details

The lodger details must contain the minimum information necessary for positive identification and contact by mail, email (if applicable) and telephone.

Your lodger code should always be shown. Private persons lodging one-off individual transactions do not need to show a lodger code.

Correcting a form

You can make a minor change to a form by ruling through the item to be deleted, inserting the correct information and initialling the change. Do not use erasers, correction fluid or similar products.

A minor correction would be correcting:

  • a digit or transposition of 2 digits in a title reference, plan number or ABN
  • the spelling of part of a name of a person or company.

If you need to make more substantial changes, refer to part 59-2040 of the land title practice manual or - provided the document has not already been lodged - complete a new form (remember to have the new form signed by all parties if the form it is replacing has already been signed). Alternatively, you may wish to speak to a lawyer or contact our enquiry service.


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