Cancelling and returning a certificate of title

Certificates of title are being discontinued

From 1 October 2019, paper certificates of title will no longer have any legal effect. This means that from this date, you don't need to:

  • return an existing certificate of title to the Titles Registry before a transaction can proceed
  • request to dispense with a certificate of title if it's been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Read Titles Registry Alert 151 for more information.

The majority of owners these days do not have a paper certificate of title for their property. However, if a paper certificate of title has been issued, you will need to locate it and provide it to the Titles Registry when lodging a document for registration in relation to the property.

This guide explains:

  • how to establish whether a paper certificate of title exists
  • how to return it to the Titles Registry.

If your certificate of title has been lost or destroyed, you must apply to dispense with the production of the certificate of title.

For additional information about Titles Registry forms, see the land title practice manual.

Note: Titles Registry forms are legally binding and must be completed carefully. The Titles Registry can provide general information about forms and requirements. If you require personal advice - that is, advice taking your circumstances into consideration, or the options available to you - then it is recommended that you speak to a lawyer.


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